Specializing in Creating elegant User-centered digital experiences.

Crafting Exceptional Digital Experiences

With a background in graphics design, UI/UX, and front-end development, I bring a wealth of experience in creating specialized and wonderful digital experiences. I have had the privilege to work with diverse organizations and contribute to a range of projects.

I have extensive experience in the field of UI/UX design, with a focus on creating user-centered digital experiences. As a Lead UI/UX Designer at Takeo, I am responsible for leading a team in the development of a user-friendly interface for a prominent LMS website. I have implemented an organization-wide accessibility-based UI system and provided training to junior and senior designers on Figma tools and design principles. By adopting a product UI/UX-based Agile methodology, I have ensured a seamless handoff between designers and developers.

At Gurzu Inc., as a Product Designer, I had the opportunity to design pass management app and system user interfaces. I prioritized providing the best user experience and incorporated features for personal data sharing. Additionally, at AndMine Inc., as a Senior UI/UX and Web Designer, I focused on redesigning existing products and enhancing their design code to enable quick updates. I also established design systems for React and Vue-based projects, streamlining the process from mockup to web application.

During my time at Spiralogics Inc. as a Senior UI Designer and UX Analyst, I contributed to the development of user interfaces for various online, mobile, and tablet apps. I also played a significant role in revamping event and hackathon websites, as well as creating a user-friendly log-keeping iPad mini-app for a commercial aircraft firm. Finally, at Web Creation Nepal Pvt Ltd., as a Web Designer, I created logos, official brand materials, and website mockups for diverse clients. I also conceptualized and developed design concepts for various advertising and marketing channels.

Overall, my experience spans a wide range of design projects, and I have consistently strived to create exceptional digital experiences while staying up-to-date with the latest design methodologies and tools.