Tablet App Design for 000LF001

A Pilot log application for assessment entries

Work Done
Discovery, Research, Interpretation & Definition, Planning, Wireframes, IA, Flows, UI, Prototyping, UX.
3 months2022
Project Description

Luxury Flights, a logging app for pilots, aimed to streamline the check-in process for private planes before and after flights. The app allowed pilots to easily enter and verify necessary information, improving efficiency and saving time. The project focused on addressing challenges such as displaying a large amount of information on the screen, meeting the functional requirements of pilots and the company, and organizing information in a hierarchical manner.

Challenges and Goals


One of the main challenges was to present a significant amount of information on the screen without overwhelming the users. The core team initially rejected the design for being different from the usual design, but efforts were made to convince them to give the system a 3-month trial period. The team offered to redesign if the system failed, and payment was postponed until then. The team also had to ensure that the app met the functional requirements of pilots and the company while being user-friendly and intuitive.


The primary goal was to create a user-friendly app that allowed pilots to efficiently fill out and check necessary information before and after flights. The app aimed to improve the check-in process, enhance overall efficiency, and meet the company’s specific requirements. It was important to design an interface that displayed the information hierarchy and provided clear indicators and labels to guide the pilots through the logging process.

Design and Implementation

Design Considerations

The design focused on color contrast, information and section segregation, indicators, labels, and adhering to design system rules. These design elements were carefully implemented to ensure that the information displayed on the screen was visually accessible and well-organized. Color contrast was optimized to provide a clear distinction between different sections and important indicators. The design team followed established design system guidelines to maintain consistency and usability.


To ensure the app met the needs of the pilots and the company, an extensive information-gathering process was conducted. Interviews were conducted with the management crew, flight crew, and pilots to gather their requirements and understand their workflows. The collected information was then reorganized to create a streamlined and efficient data entry and verification process. This iterative process involved multiple rounds of testing and feedback to refine the functionality of the app. The team aimed to provide a seamless experience for pilots, reducing the time and effort required to enter and verify information.

Design Inspirations

During the early stages of the project, the team faced uncertainties about how to proceed. However, two design components from major companies provided inspiration and guidance. The first inspiration came from a well-known technology company’s Start panel with metro cards, which offered a user-friendly interface that required minimal data entry. The team adopted a similar approach to display relevant information on the app’s interface. The second inspiration came from another leading technology company’s widget design in the iPad, which demonstrated effective information presentation and organization. The team leveraged this inspiration to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.

Information Hierarchy

A significant challenge in designing the app was organizing the vast amount of information in a way that was easy to comprehend and follow. The team implemented an information hierarchy based on the importance and sequence of the information to be filled and checked. The most critical information was prominently displayed, while less important details were presented in a structured manner. This hierarchy ensured that the essential information was easily accessible to the pilots, allowing for efficient data entry and verification.

Results and Impact


Initially, the client and users were not optimistic about the design due to its departure from the usual approach.

User Reception

Despite initial skepticism from the client and users, the project team managed to convince them to give the new system a three-month trial period. During this period, the Luxury Flights app received overwhelmingly positive feedback from pilots. They praised the app for its ease of use, intuitive interface, and time-saving capabilities. Pilots reported that the new logging process significantly reduced their workload and improved their overall experience. The positive feedback from the pilots validated the team’s design choices and demonstrated the effectiveness of the app.

Client Satisfaction

While direct interviews with pilots were not conducted, the client expressed their satisfaction with the app. The Luxury Flights app allowed the client to add three additional flights per month due to the shortened logging process. This increase in flight capacity was a direct result of the improved efficiency brought about by the app. The client was pleased with the positive impact the app had on their operations and appreciated the efforts of the design team.

Economic Benefits

Although a formal economic analysis was not conducted, the client’s ability to accommodate more flights per month indicated potential economic benefits. By reducing the time required for the logging process, the app enabled more flights to be scheduled, resulting in increased revenue opportunities for the client. The streamlined operations and improved efficiency contributed to better resource utilization and enhanced profitability for Luxury Flights.

Conclusion and Future Potential


Luxury Flights (Project SkyLog) was a successful endeavor in creating a logging app that revolutionized the check-in process for private plane pilots. The team overcame initial skepticism and designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface that significantly improved efficiency and user satisfaction. By leveraging design inspirations, considering information hierarchy, and incorporating user feedback, the team created a solution that addressed the functional requirements of pilots and the company.

Future Potential

The success of Luxury Flights paves the way for further innovation and improvement in the aviation industry. The app’s positive reception among pilots highlights the demand for user-centric digital solutions in this domain. Building upon the foundation of Luxury Flights, there is potential to expand the app’s features and capabilities, such as integrating real-time flight data, providing personalized notifications, and incorporating advanced analytics. These enhancements would further optimize flight operations and deliver an exceptional experience to pilots and aviation professionals.