The primary goal of this design project is to develop an intuitive and efficient interview scheduling and management system that enhances the overall experience for both recruiters and applicants. By providing a user-friendly interface and advanced scheduling features, the system aims to streamline the hiring process and simplify the task of scheduling and managing interviews for multiple positions.

Thought Process

As a designer, my goal was to create an intuitive interview scheduling and management system that improved the hiring process for recruiters and applicants. I focused on designing a user-friendly interface with advanced scheduling features, including a calendar view and automated reminders. Accessibility considerations were prioritized to ensure inclusivity. By establishing a consistent design system, the interface maintained coherence and familiarity. I understood the needs of recruiters and prioritized key tasks such as creating interview sessions. Throughout the design process, I justified my decisions to align with project objectives. The result was an efficient and user-friendly system that simplified interview scheduling and management for recruiters.

Wireframe Overview

In this design project, the focus is on creating a comprehensive interface that encompasses all the necessary components for interview scheduling and management. The key features and functionalities of the interface have been carefully designed to cater to the specific needs of recruiters. By incorporating a calendar view, recruiters can easily view available time slots and select suitable options for scheduling interviews. Additionally, the interface includes automated reminders and notifications to keep recruiters organized and ensure they don’t miss any important details. Design


The design components in this project include a header with navigation, a dashboard for an overview of interviews, a calendar view for scheduling time slots, and interview details with options to send invitations and set reminders. These components have been thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless user experience and simplify the interview scheduling and management process. The consistent navigation and footer throughout the interface ensure a cohesive and intuitive design.

User Flow

The typical user flow of a recruiter within the interview scheduling and management system starts with accessing the dashboard to view scheduled interviews. From there, recruiters can navigate to the calendar view to select available time slots and schedule interviews. Once an interview is scheduled, the system sends automated notifications to the relevant parties, including the interviewee and interviewers. Recruiters can also manage and reschedule interviews as needed, ensuring flexibility and efficient communication throughout the process.

Design Justification

The design decisions in this project have been driven by the aim of creating a clear and user-friendly interface. The calendar view and scheduling feature simplify the process of selecting suitable time slots, while the automated reminders and notifications keep recruiters informed and organized. Accessibility considerations, such as legible text and user-friendly interactions, ensure that the interface is inclusive and usable for users with varying needs. The design system establishes consistent visual and interaction patterns, enhancing usability and providing a cohesive experience for recruiters.


In conclusion, this design project for the interview scheduling and management system addresses the challenges and pain points faced by recruiters in the hiring process. Through an intuitive interface, advanced scheduling features, automated reminders, and a consistent design system, the project aims to simplify the interview scheduling and management process, leading to a better user experience for recruiters. The result is a streamlined and efficient system that enhances productivity and enables recruiters to make informed hiring decisions.

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